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How to become a Personal Shopper?

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Do you want to earn money while enjoying shopping? You may think that it is just too good be true. There is really a way of achieving that but you will not wear the clothes that you shop. That is somehow the essence of being a personal shopper. That profession existed because of many busy people who consider themselves to have no sense of fashion. So they are hiring personal shoppers who can strike the store for them. Their job can entail more than just retailing.

If you feel that you do really have the ability and the desires of doing the job why not engage in that field of work. So, here are some of the identified tips on how to become a personal shopper:

Equip yourself

Get into Social media, that way you can attract clients, if you do have time try using:

You need to get in tune in the world of fashion. That can help you to be equipped and gain knowledge regarding your field of choice. You must look to be an expert, know about the style and decide what is best for your customer. Keep your heads up in the market and know about the discounts and sales. Be patiently willing in searching until you figure out the item of your client at the right price.

Passion for Shopping

Being a personal shopper you need to get up, keep and drop up for shopping. There is educational training required to be personal shopper yet it can be an asset if you have background in retailing of sales associates. Patience, energy and enthusiasm can make you an effective personal shopper. It is also a great help if you have skill in dealing with people. You just need to secure proper license in your place.

Putting yourself out there

Start linking your business with other people. Put some ads in places where it can easily reached your target demographic. There are some elderly people who need personal shoppers for buying in their necessities. Make that as your consideration in deciding to place your ads or fliers. It is a good asset if you can build positive reputation of becoming reliable and knowledgeable. Truthful testimonies about your services can be of great help to get your business known in your place.

Having a plan

You need to decide if you wanted to apply for position in personal shopping company, become a freelance or wanting to put up your own personal shopping. You can start engaging in freelance jobs in order to gain experience. Having the interest of doing the job is not enough you also need to expand your knowledge about this field of work.

Always prepare yourself for a possible difficult experience.

Be ready to take inquiries, if you are too busy try this way you will never miss an inquiry.

To be a personal shopper has no exemption about the realities of business world. You need to willingly work in an unpredictable hour in unconventional way. The job can involve visiting in your client’s house and making inventory of the things they have. Keep in mind that your job is to please your client. But not all of them have the same personality. You must be flexible in dealing with your clients.

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Stepping Stone for Personal Styling Success

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Personal Styling is considered to be one of best rewarding and exciting areas of a fashion industry. If you have the passion of doing this and wanted to gain proper knowledge it is best to engage in a Personal Styling course. You will be trained in the industry level in practical environment in styling for real clients.

Personal Styling course is a dynamic course that can be taught by an expert team who specializes for both the men’s and women’s wear. This will equip you with the proper skill in setting up and running with confidence, to have a successful personal styling business or even gaining personal styling role in the industry.


The students who will undergo in this course will able to develop impressive ability and gain expert skill in working as professional and expert personal stylists. That will enable to deliver exceptional level of services towards their clients. The student will work with the live clients for personal shopping projects and wardrobe consultation both for the female and male. Analysis of colour is being taught also being a part of the course. That is considered to be a high demand with their personal styling clients.

The Personal Styling course is also offering a post study that supports in answering the first year of fashion and business related queries. You can also gain professional advice with regard to business marketing and website development. That can help you in creating excellent vision for your business in line with Personal styling.   

Below are the subjects that are included upon enrolling in a Personal Styling Course:

Wardrobe Management with live female and male clients

Styling and analysing of live physiques and body shapes

Colour Analysis

Personal Shopping with live female and male clients

Assessing the style personality of every client

Ways in informing about seasonal trends or trend management

Personal styling for parties

Style finder or locating key items for every client

Ways in rewarding your client

Corporate personal styling

Exclusive discounts for clients and fashion invitations

Achieving successful business in personal styling

Creating website with wow factor

Operating services into an excellent level

Marketing your business

Grab the opportunity of engaging in a school that offers Personal Styling course. This is a great way for those aspirants who wanted to become a personal and professional stylist of a famous icon or you wanted to develop the existing styling skills that you have. You can use your creative ability in putting up a business that can make you a millionaire someday. Turn your creative hobby into a successful business.

This can be your step in achieving your dreams in the fashion industry. Make sure that you choose the right school for you. Look for teachers or lecturers that are professional enough in this field of specialization. This might entail your time, money and effort but all of these are worthy sacrifices. And the end of the day you will reap the fruit of your labour.

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The Work of a Personal Shopper

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The Work of a Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper is a career where people are helping others in shopping thru making helpful suggestions and giving advice with their customers. They are usually hired in boutiques and department stores; yet there are some that exclusively work online or as a freelance personal shopper. Their main focus is typically with clothes. They are giving tips regarding the suited fashion style in their clients. They will also respond for every request of their clients about clothing style. So for you to be an effective personal shopper you must have enough knowledge about the fashion trend and the style that will suit to your clients. That can be a broad thing to do that is why a retail experience can be a great help for an effective servicing.

Personal Shopping through Online

The personal shoppers’ online job is typically with relation in the online world. They need to spend time searching online in behalf of their clients. Their primary focus is typically anything that a web can provide for them. The “online personal shopper” is normally a freelance. However, there are some who are employed thru websites that give advice regarding the online shopping. The services that an online personal shopping render with their clients usually begin upon the question or request coming from the clients regarding the product, service or item that they are searching for. Customers are usually required to pay for the information catered to them. After locating an online personal shopper, the item or set of items depending on the need of the clients will be notified by the customer.

Fashion shopping

International or Global Personal Shopper

The job of a global personal shopper is to spend also time in searching for items in behalf of the clients thru Local Retail stores or online shops that do not internationally ship or accept methods of payment internationally. The global personal shopper can ship purchased items in international address in behalf of the clients. They work for corporates while providing services thru websites or in shopping centre internationally like the international airports. Their focus is mainly for clothing or giving advice about the fashion trends. They must speak for more than two languages to reach the demand of their clients. The services typically begin thru request from a client’s item that they needed. The clients will be asking for the estimated cost of their shopping that contains the shipping fees, commission for personal shopper and price items. Personal shoppers will start purchasing the items by giving shopping tips and advice. That can be achieved after the clients paid the total cost and commission of the personal shopper.

Personal shopper are also great for Cosmetic advice. They may recommend anti wrinkle injection Clinic or Eyebrow feathering company. They great relief for those busy people who do not have time shopping for their needs. It also lessens the time and effort of a client in terms of shopping. Another good thing about this is they have enough knowledge that you can depend on in the items that you are going to purchase. Just make sure that you look you for the right one in order to achieve the best one.

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